Nice Overview: Top 50 Marketing Automation Software Tools and Apps

11 januari 2017 -
Top 50 Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is a major function for every business. The marketing landscape is constantly shifting, evolving and becoming increasingly complex as consumers rely on a multitude of devices to consume media.

For marketers, keeping up marketing activities can be daunting. However, marketing automation tools can streamline a variety of marketing functions, enabling teams to focus their efforts on other core tasks that effectively nurture leads and drive revenue.

NGDATA describes 50 leading marketing automation tools offering robust features and capabilities to simplify many otherwise time-consuming marketing activities. While the following 50 tools and apps aren’t listed in any particular order, this list represents 50 tools worth taking a look at if you’re seeking ways to streamline one or more marketing functions

View: list of top 50 Marketing Automation Software Tools and Apps

Source: NGDATA

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