Forrester – A Blueprint for Successful B2B Video Marketing

10 januari 2018 -
Use B2B Video Marketing more effectively

B2B video marketing is becoming a preferred B2B buyer journey content type. With short videos and webinars ranking among the top 5 preferred forms of content marketing and with this desire and drive for video many B2B marketers feel overwhelmed. Moreover, many among us don’t know how to use video content properly.

Despite video being in such high demand, and customers wanting more video, few B2B marketers feel they use video effectively. They feel intimidated by video production, are unsure how to use videos they have already created, struggle to make engaging content that captures their viewer’s attention, and are not sure how to measure the success of their videos.

Independent Analyst Forrester pulled together four steps you can take to embrace video as a strategic part of your B2B video marketing and demand generation strategy.

View the Forrester video

(source: Vidyard)

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