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Polderdijk Marketing was founded by me, Jan-Cees Polderdijk, in 2015. I am an entrepreneurial marketing professional. I have gained experience at national and international operating companies and achieved success in B2B. View LinkedIn profile.

Polderdijk Marketing focuses on supporting, innovating, and optimizing B2B marketing departments. This can be done through interim marketing management, marketing advisory, marketing research, and marketing workshops. With my energy, engagement, and entrepreneurial mindset I take marketing departments to a higher level, and make marketing results measurable in order to reach the marketing targets agreed upon and to demonstrate clear Return on Investment (ROI).

Polderdijk Marketing does not just stand aside and shouts directions. No, profound analyses, regular consultation, a hands-on attitude, collaboration, and perseverance are the ingredients for success.

Polderdijk Marketing is successful at supporting, innovating and optimizing B2B departments.

Are you looking for someone to complete a temporary assignment, do you need advise, research, a workshop, or a presentation?

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