New Business Development

Developing new business is a responsibility of both sales and marketing. Polderdijk Marketing strongly believes in an integrated marketing and sales model based on best practices, to which a third function is added – the Business Development Representatives (BDR´s). A BDR is in fact a telemarketer/telesales who, next to the primary task of making phone calls, is also responsible for reaching the target group through other channels, profiling accounts, and making appointments. BDR´s are managed by marketing and deliver concrete leads to sales. Thanks to this integrated new business development approach conversions are speeding up, the leads are of higher quality, and sales has a healthy opportunity pipeline on which it can focus completely.

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B2B Marketing

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategie is een bedrijfsstrategie waarin alle marketing doelstellingen gecombineerd zijn in een alomvattend plan.LEES MEER
Marketing Innovation Marketing innovatie is gericht op het efficiënter voldoen aan de behoeften van de klant en de daaraan gerelateerde toename...LEES MEER
Demand Generation Demand generation is de kern van gerichte marketing programma’s om het bewustzijn en interesse in producten en diensten van een organisatie te vergroten.LEES MEER
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