Marketing Plans

Marketing plans can take on many forms and sometimes they look very impressive. However, people often forget that they serve the purpose of achieving marketing goals and that they are in place to stimulate good collaboration with the Sales department.

If you would like to stimulate internal alignment within your company, then ensure Marketing plans are created in Powerpoint (or another programme that can easily be presented and shared) and forget about Word. In Word there is too much text and those plans are often vague and not to the point. Nobody likes to read Word documents…

Polderdijk has extensive experience with creating efficient marketing plans with clear goals and key take aways.

Is writing marketing plans taking up a lot of your time and do you need help writing them? Or do you need to gain an insight into how to write concise marketing plans? Polderdijk Marketing helps B2B marketing department to create efficient and concise marketing plans.

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B2B Marketing

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategie is een bedrijfsstrategie waarin alle marketing doelstellingen gecombineerd zijn in een alomvattend plan.LEES MEER
Marketing Innovation Marketing innovatie is gericht op het efficiënter voldoen aan de behoeften van de klant en de daaraan gerelateerde toename...LEES MEER
Demand Generation Demand generation is de kern van gerichte marketing programma’s om het bewustzijn en interesse in producten en diensten van een organisatie te vergroten.LEES MEER
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