Lead Management

B2B lead management concerns the process of turning a cold lead into a warm lead.

The objective is to speed up the lead management process and generate more backfill in the Sales pipeline. In order to let this process run efficiently a couple of steps are important:

  1. Cold Leads
  2. Qualifying leads (Marketing Accepted Leads)
  3. Add scores to leads
  4. Nurturing leads
  5. SLA’s & Goals
  6. Following up on warm leads (Sales Accepted Leads)
  7. KPI’s & Dashboards

Correctly aligning the lead management processes with the agreements between marketing and sales (SLA’s) result in higher conversions and more revenue, because the marketing department delivers more qualified opportunities to the sales pipeline.

Could this be applicable to your organisation as well? Then contact Polderdijk Marketing to help your organisation make the lead management processes more efficiently.

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B2B Marketing

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