B2B Marketing Research

Would you like to gain more insight into your market or target group? Would you like to take decisions based on solid research? Is marketing department currently short in time to conduct research properly?

Polderdijk Marketing supports marketing departments with research to support fact-based decisions.

“Polderdijk Marketing supports B2B marketing departments with research so that decisions can be made that correspond to the needs of the target group”

Results from research provide insights and input for marketing plans and are often used as sources for marketing documentation, like white papers, infographics articles, blogs, and vlogs. Research can be conducted in several ways, but it all starts with what you as a marketing department would like to achieve. Only then the research becomes concrete and relevant.

Polderdijk Marketing has extensive experience with B2B Marketing research methods and models.

Contact us for an introductory meeting and for fine-tuning your research topic


B2B Marketing

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategie is een bedrijfsstrategie waarin alle marketing doelstellingen gecombineerd zijn in een alomvattend plan.LEES MEER
Marketing Innovation Marketing innovatie is gericht op het efficiënter voldoen aan de behoeften van de klant en de daaraan gerelateerde toename...LEES MEER
Demand Generation Demand generation is de kern van gerichte marketing programma’s om het bewustzijn en interesse in producten en diensten van een organisatie te vergroten.LEES MEER
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