B2B Marketing Advisory

Would you like to generate more warm leads? Would you like an improved inbound vs. outbound ratio? Would you like to automate your lead processes? Is marketing automation ranked high on your list of things to do? Have Marketing, Telemarketing, and Sales departments within your organisation not been fully integrated yet?

Polderdijk Marketing is pleased to assist you in order to innovate, inspire, and optimize your marketing department.

“Polderdijk Marketing advises on how to turn your B2B marketing department into a marketing lead generation machine”

Best practices show that external perspectives towards a marketing department is inspiring and motivating. Based on extensive experience at diverse B2B marketing departments Polderdijk Marketing can give you advise based and examples of achieved results that have led to efficiency: clear KPI´s, good pipeline conversions, and proven marketing ROI.

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B2B Marketing

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategie is een bedrijfsstrategie waarin alle marketing doelstellingen gecombineerd zijn in een alomvattend plan.LEES MEER
Marketing Innovation Marketing innovatie is gericht op het efficiënter voldoen aan de behoeften van de klant en de daaraan gerelateerde toename...LEES MEER
Demand Generation Demand generation is de kern van gerichte marketing programma’s om het bewustzijn en interesse in producten en diensten van een organisatie te vergroten.LEES MEER
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