5 Inbound Marketing Hacks for B2B Marketing

8 januari 2018 -
Inbound Marketing

There is a common misconception that B2C marketers get to have all the fun. Learn how to grow your B2B business with five Inbound Marketing hacks.

Hack #1. Cannibalize your content

When it comes to content marketing, robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t going to get you fired. It might even get you promoted. Consider it as recycling. Saving your marketing team’s environment one piece of content at a time.

Hack #2. Remember that you’re talking to a person, not an entity

When developing campaigns you are talking to one, or perhaps just a handful of people and they are beginning to expect human-to-human communication from you.

Hack #3. Borrow ideas from B2C marketers

There is a common misconception that B2C marketers get to have all the fun. But as the tone of B2B marketing relaxes and relies more on humanizing tactics, that’s all changing.

Hack #4. Get your customers to do the work for you

Content creation is hard work, so why not reach out to your customers for it? Especially when it can add tremendous credibility and creativity.

Hack #5. Involve internal subject matter experts

Include content in your campaigns authored by internal subject matter experts, instead of only curated content.

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(source: MarketingSherpa)

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